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C128 Spy Drone

C128 Spy Drone

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1. Design: The propeller is designed according to the aerodynamic principle to provide strong power and self-stability to the body. 6-axis gyroscope design provides stable flight. The wingless drone toy is equipped with a 720P wide-angle camera for high quality video and clear aerial photos. With wireless transmission, live video of beautiful scenery can be seen on your smartphone.
2. Remote Control: The remote control can operate the helicopter toy to make aerobatic movements, such as ascending, descending, forward/backward, left/right flight, left/right rotation, course flight, etc. Battery: The RC helicopter toy is powered by 3.7V 580mAh battery with long charging time, which can support about 15 minutes of use. Use the USB power cable (included) to charge the battery before and after use.
3. Small Weight & Size: RC helicopter designed small enough that the kids drone with camera is perfectly sized for a child's palm, fits in your pocket, and can be easily taken to where you want to go to play with family or friends.
4. Protection Function: 2.4GHz RC drone with low voltage alarm, stall protection, runaway protection to avoid accidents.
5. Power Management System: Built-in modular battery and intelligent power management system, effectively protect the battery and prolong the service life.Easy to Control for Beginners: The remote control makes it easy to control the RC aircraft, even beginners can take off and land with one key. Provide long service life, made of high quality PA/PC material, the RC airplane toy is durable and sturdy enough not to crack easily, and has a long service life.

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